XIX International Kansk Video Festival will be held ONLINE on YouTube channel SOPROMAT-TV

The International Kansk Video Festival, held since 2002 in Siberian town of Kansk, this year will pass online. From August 23 to 29, there will be a non-stop broadcasting on YouTube channel SOPROMAT-TV. The General Partner of the Festival is Mikhail Prokhorov’s Foundation.

The Kansk Festival was organized by the Moscow-based Videodom Studio in Kansk city, situated in the western part of the Krasnoyarsk region. Initially, the idea of the festival was a play of words referring the festival in Cannes. The project encompassed several genres and directions of art, such as experimental cinema, video art, theatre, architecture, music, and poetry, in the aim to popularize contemporary culture in Siberia. The festivals goal was to develop artistic languages, to support young art and discover new names. During the past years, many public art objects have appeared in Kansk, including Kansk Palm Tree Aley (the palm trees have been made according to the sketches of children from Kansk, Moscow and Norilsk), and Monument to Unknown Artist.

Due to COVID19 pandemic restrictions of 2020, the organizers decided to realize the International Kansk Video Festival in online format. It will be a non-stop broadcasting on YouTube channel SOPROMAT-TV. The audience from any country of the world will be able to join the festival any moment from August 23 to 29. The special programs of the festival consist of a full-length productions from Portugal, the compilation of the best documentary animations, the films produced by the festival itself, as well as of lectures on Russian Avant-garde, an underground cinema of the 20th century, a contemporary music scene in Siberia; the other part of the program present VR-poetry and virtual Kansk guided tours. The special event will be Siberian Tromadance, which is dedicated to the films of an American independent film company Troma Entertainment.

Thirty five films from eighteen countries participate in the International Short Film Competition. Most of all, there are movies from Russia and UK, five films per country. On the second place there are USA and France, three films each. From Brazil, Italy, Germany, India, and Japan per two films were selected. Moreover, the competition program presents works from Iran, Nepal, Israel, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, and Austria. Among the competition films there are fiction movies, documentaries, animations, experimental films, and video art. The Grand-Prix winner will get the Palm Secateur DOr. The films will be judged by artist Alexander Melamid, actor and performer Sergey Pakhomov, film director of Troma International Thom Demicco, and many other.

The central theme of XIX International Video Festival, ‘Resistance Of Materials (sopromat in Russian), was announced a long time before the pandemic and all its consequences. For people with technical backgrounds this theme is primarily associated with the mechanics of materials as a discipline. At the same time the other people at maximum know this is something from physics. But its important to keep in mind all in the world is a material. Including a man, who is inclined or forced to resist to many things in his life. In fact, our life as whole is this resistance of materials, particularly during such a challenging periods of time as we experience now, Pavel Labazov, director of the Festival, says. SOPROMAT has become the basic discipline of our current life, as we navigate between prudence and depression, dampen existential crisis with bursts of over-excited laughter and meditate over our blood saturation for a change. Our life today is all about overcoming our past experiences, and with SOPROMAT well know what its all worth.