Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair

Year 2011

Project description

Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair (KRYAKK) is a massive international project on culture run by Mikhail Prokhorov Fund. KRYAKK positions Krasnoyarsk as a book culture center and is ought to unite book publishers, distributors and cultural community of the central part of Russia and the cities of the Far East, Siberia and the Urals. Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair offers an innovative approach to reading propaganda, such as presentation of book existence in the modern multimedia cultural area, analysis of book evolution and transformation in competitive struggle with new forms of art and information carriers. Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair is a unique opportunity for Russian publishing houses to make a name for themselves and to display their production for sale in the most favorable terms. During the Fair the best publishing houses present their new arrivals in a central city of Siberia; what is more, musical bands, theater ensembles, writers, belletrist, poets and artists from all over the world arrive to Krasnoyarsk.

Further information:

Anastasia Hanina, curator of the cultural program, tel. +7 (916) 029 - 90-22,

Irina Moglovets, manager for the relations with Publishing Houses,

Valentina Tislyankova, manager of exhibition, literary, discussion, educational and music programs